Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Today I am thankful for...

  • The wonderful woman in my Ministry Management class who taught me how to search for periodicals on "Stewardship" in the library of three billion periodicals.
  • The kind man in the campus security office who forgave me of my parking violation and enlightened me of the three square feet of the campus where I am permitted to park my car.
  • Almonds. They are a beautiful creation of Jesus that my belly is fond of.
  • Sweet little boys proudly wearing AWANA vests.
  • Mr. Bissette from The Grain Mill, who delivers our eggs and other natural, organic, goodness on a bicycle.
  • This Song, My lovely friend, Kenzie Jackson, who shared it with me, and my Savior, who makes beautiful things out of dust.
  • My Best-Friend-Since-I-Was-Two-Years-Old, Amanda. She's great. She just pulled off (with some help from her siblings...) A huge surprise party for her parents 50th Birthday/28th Anniversary. It was so fun and thoughtful and well planned and... she's just basically like that. I like her a lot.
  • My amazing friend Paige who just turned 18 YEARS OLD! (BAHH! CRAZYY!) Her mom threw her a surprise Luau and it was so cool. I love surprises. They're just so..surprise-y.
  • My Family. I love learning how to love them better, and watching them inspire me to love others better. They are the best gift in the world. I wish I could live with them forever and always...
  • Oh wait...Ha! Thanks Jesus! I will live with them again someday and together we will praise You. And when we've been there for ten thousand years, bright shining as the sun, we've no less days to sing Your praise then when we'd first begun.