Wednesday, February 16, 2011

4 years of life with the Twinnettes.

I can hardly believe that these little babies...

Have transformed into these hilarious, girly, dress-up loving, ladies.

These girls are such treasures. They are so full of life and spunk! They currently love: eating, brushing their teeth by themselves, running,

dancing on anything that can be used as a stage, drumming on things, loading the dryer with the clothes from the washer, telling made up jokes, cracking eggs for breakfast, being helpful with anything and everything, changing outfits {12 times a day}, singing, and feeding my fish {...that i was given as a gift for Christmas and is shockingly still alive.}  They love playing pretend games with each other where their pretend names are both "Ella". I don't know how it works, but they both have the same name in every game...somehow it just works for them.

I am so excited to see the women that they are going to become. God has huge plans for them.

They are so fearless. Literally. Nothing will stand in their way.

They are leaders. {They come up with some of the most creative schemes known to mankind. In fact, they come up with schemes that no man has ever even contemplated and they execute them with extreme precision.}

They are innovative. {When its six am and you think you're home alone- but really everyone is just sleeping- go to the neighbor's house. They'll bring you back home and wake up your family for you.}

They ask the hard questions. {"Do you have a baby in your tummy?"}

They speak up when no one else will. {That lady's hair is not good. Mmm. It's crazy."}

They have a profound sense of justice.{ "Kezzie has 4 grapes and I only have 3."}

They are so full of joy.

They are SO full of life! There is more personality wrapped up in these four year old twins than you can even imagine. They keep us on our toes and they bring so much joy to our hearts. 

Keren always has something hilarious to say. Usually about somebody "being a pancake" for doing something she thought was rude.

 Keziah always has a new statement to make with her outfit. Keziah especially loves her shirt with the little pink dog on it, paired with her pink tutu. She is Fancy Nancy personified.

They make an amazing team. They  recently decided that they wanted to try going to some of the things that the boys go to...and then just as quickly decided it wasn't for them. I understand completely. They recently did what I only dreamed of doing as a small child. Jason Bourne style. When they were taken to AWANA for the first {and only} time, they simultaneously decided it was no longer cool. One got the first teacher in a headlock {more or less}, the other kicked the remaining teacher at the door and then they both made the great escape out the door to find my parents. About 6 months later, they wanted to try Sunday School at Church. {they normally sit in the regular service with us.} They lasted about 30 minutes before we heard running in the halls. Keren bolted and got in the elevator, Keziah took the stairs. Someone asked me last week at Taekwondo if that was my sister that came running to the service crying and calling my name. Yes! It was. My very own sister. Right in the middle of a sermon on sanctity of human life/ adoption. I thought it added a nice effect though and sort of brought everything to life. Way to go Kez. They go against the flow. Who cares if the other kids stay in Sunday school? The world is full of those other kids.

{With a little channeling in the right direction...}
These girls are going to change the world.

They've changed my life forever and i'm eternally grateful that God decided these little African Ladies were meant to be my sisters. They have changed my world.

 God has taught me so much about love through them. He has shown me so much about the way He loves us. He loves us with a never stopping, never giving up, bigger than our attitudes towards Him, bigger than our behavior, bigger than everything we could ever do for Him kind of love. This is the love that I have been shown. This is the love that He teaches me how to give. And man, do I love these little boogers.

God has His hand on them. He protected them through so much, and is continuing to do so. He has brought them to our family for a reason and He is going to use them to impact the world for His glory. I just know it.

 Watch out world. Here they come. {Maybe to a Sunday School near you...HA. Just kidding. :) }

Happy Birthday Ladies! I love you more than I could ever tell you. You stole my heart the minute I saw your picture. You are the little sisters I always dreamed of, and so much more.

"For this {these} child{ren !} I prayed, and the LORD has granted me my petition that I made to him."
1 Samuel 1:27