Sunday, June 6, 2010

Uganda Update - June 6

Awesome service at Gaba Community Church today. Those kids can DANCE! They put my white-self to shame. Cooking an "American" dinner tonight for all our Ugandan friends...can't wait!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Uganda Update - June 5

Back from Bethany Children's Village! The kids are amazing and the house moms are too. Saw God in so may ways. "Aunt Betty" shared with us about the terrible horrors committed by Joseph Kony in North Uganda, where she is from, and then says " But our God's love is so amazing, that even if Kony came to God to be forgiven, God would forgive him." Amazing faith and joy despite circumstances

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tuesday June 1st

Got to clear some land in the jungle today to make room for an amazing new church. Such a blessing. Held a sweet baby girl at a baby home named Cherish. She was found in a paper bag on the side of the road 3 months ago and now she lives in a place where she is truly cherished. God is incredible. Clearing more jungles for the new church tomorrow. The day after tomorrow we leave for Bethany Children's village for 3 days where I'm pretty sure there is no internet...its across Lake Victoria.

Update from Uganda Monday May 31, 2010

Today was our first full day in Uganda and it was amazing! The people are so lovely and welcoming, the food is delicious (particularly the fruit) and you can see God working here in SO many ways. Today we rode an hour and a half through the Ugandan bush to get to Namasujju Village; a place once ravaged by war, but full of hope for their future. We got to see the temporary church shelter that has just recently been purchased for the village. They were so excited that they would finally have a place to meet. We saw the new well and got to pump fresh, CLEAN water with beautiful Ugandan children. After lunch and fellowship with Pastor Timothy and a few others in Namasujju, they took us to show us the bad water sources that they were drinking from before the new well. It was heartbreaking and unbelievable and you can’t help but praise God for bringing Safewater Nexus when He did. We went to distribute some mosquito nets and were able to give them to several families. The people praised God and were so thankful. There actually weren’t many people around though and we were kinda beginning to wonder where everyone was. We asked around and found out…they were at a Ugandan Wedding. Our team can officially say that we crashed a Ugandan wedding reception. They invited us to speak and we were able to invite them all to the well dedication tomorrow where they would receive free mosquito nets. They were so excited and so quick to praise God. They followed us back to our bus and the kids chased the bus for quite a while..haha. It was quite the experience! Our team is bonding and unifying so well. We are all being so impacted by the people and what we are seeing and I am confident that the Lord is doing even bigger things here than we can see on the surface…and the things on the surface are pretty huge. I am beyond thankful that the Lord has chosen to allow me to be a part of what He is doing here through Safewater Nexus. Pastor Timothy told us how they had been praying to God for help since the Bush War in the 80’s and now the help has come. God is so faithful to His children in America and He is just as faithful to His children in the bush of Uganda.

Update from May 28

We made it safe and sound with all of our luggage. Thank you for praying! It was quite a lonnnngg... coupleof days of travel but we're so excited to be here now! Our team is getting along so well! Uganda is SO beautiful and all the people have been so lovely. Today we will go to a village to spend time getting to know the people and pass out 150 mosquito nets. Baby house tonight ..can't wait. :) The internet is a little shaky...but what else is new? :)

LOVING Uganda! God is doing some amazing things in this part of the world.

Update from May 27

We had a 10 hour layover in London. Here are some of our team riding the London Eye almost 400 feet above the city!

Me and my big brother Jonathan at the airport getting ready to leave for Uganda! Notice the ever-present bag of Chick-fil-A...