Monday, September 6, 2010

Bradley and Kirk

Bradley Bass and Kirk Chambers are two of the most precious people I have ever met.

They seriously love Jesus and have such splendid hearts to serve Him.

We traveled to Uganda together this summer and became fast friends. Kirk, Bradley, My brother Jonathan, and I instantly got along so well together that we decided we must become friends forever. A few glimpses into our friendship: Bradley and I found showers in every bizarre airport in every country we traveled in,

We shared a twin bed (in the not-so-bat-infested room under one mosquito net) to try and hide from the shrieking, pooping, bats from hell... ( Luckily, the bat ordeal was only two nights of our trip and the hilariousness outweighed the emotional scarring. :)
(This is Jonathan and Kirk's mosquito net over their bed...please observe the large quantity of bat poo. "dive bombing bats"...needless to say, when bats are excreting waste upon your mosquito net, or even just flying around your bed and squeezing in through the windows, you tend to bond emotionally, spiritually, etc.)
Bradley and I swapped Jesus stories on the bus and in our rooms every night. We all hung out together at cool places like the Nile River and London, England...
We went with Jonathan up in the sky when he was preparing to fling his body into the Nile...Kirk documented it. Bradley and I watched.
Laughed for probably 300 hours straight about different things... "Missionary Bus Ride" is the name of this cool band...
...such as these two crazies who chopped up trees to make room for the new village church with these...(Jonathan holds a machete, Kirk holds a slashahhhh. or a slasher, but nobody calls them that.)
Braved a bug storm in a zoo, arm in arm...
distributed mosquito nets... and Brad and I, of course, squeeled over cute brown babies together.
These things make for a pretty fun friendship.
Kirk and Bradley have had a long, tough, journey together... but their story is beautiful.
...and today, THEY GOT ENGAGED!!!
I am so excited to see where God will take them and how He is going to use them. They are such a sweet blessing and I am so thankful that they are my friends. This Bridesmaid is super excited!
Love you Bradley and Kirk!