Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Beach and More.

Have you ever walked into your room after being gone all day and inwardly screamed...

Only to realize that {sadly...oh-so-sadly,} you were the one that vandalized your room and threw clothes on every available inch of everywhere?
Me niether. Psh.
~~~~ On another note, my handy blog has just notified me that over 1,000 people have viewed my blog in the past few weeks... And about 3 of them have left comments. I love people, especially those who show their faces on my blog. Please be a man {or lady} and comment once in a while. I promise not to bite you or stalk you. Unless you have a really cool blog-then I might stalk you.
My Family spent the last few days at the beach and it was GLORIOUS! It was like the summer's last hoorah. {Except--it's still 90 degrees here which is pretty lame. It might be just me, but I feel like the first day of fall ought to include a breeze or two. My only consolation is the fact that all of my classrooms are kept at thirty-two degrees below zero. You could simultaneously house penguins and hang meat in them.} These past few days were so much fun and such a blessing! I just love my family.
It was Solomon's first time seeing the ocean and he LOVED it.
This kid's curly hair collects seashells for him.
No fish were caught- but they caught 6 crabs!
And I will leave you a video to explain these great pictures. {There was grass growing on top of this sand which was quite deceiving. Turns out- it was really sand under there.}


natali said...

I love the beach! It's so awesome just to sit there and see His creation, how He set a place for the tide to come in and go out and it does it - just like that. :))

Sharon said...

What an adventure! I miss the beach! Hahaha, time to get a tow truck! Sounds like our crazy family! :)

Staci said...

haha so fun!! :) love the beach! its amazing, so much fun, and so beautiful! my question: did you really have to get your van towed? lol

Sarah Joy said...

I visit often! Whenever I see on my blogroll that you have a new post up. :) I just miss my Ellie Mae!! :P

I love how your mom is just laughing hysterically in this video. Love her!

P.S. If you and the littles ever want to come visit ... we get lots of snow, have a wonderful sliding hill, and lots of extra room! ;)

P.P.S. This comment was brought to you by the overuse of smiley faces. I've been up since 1:00 this morning. I should get a break for that, at least. Ha!