Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wordless Wednesday.

Who are we kidding...I can't do the whole "wordless" thing. Summer is almost all the way here!!! I have one final left ( which i am supposed to be studying for right now...) and then school is outtt. I can not wait! Guatemala is coming up fast and Rachel comes next week!!! :) Our team is doing a skit of David and Goliath for the Spanish. And I am David. Ha. Time to cram in a week long refresher course of Spanish. Finals here I come. Later Y'all!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Waterslide fun.

"We could lie..."

Jeremiah has such a big heart and he is hilarious. He's always looking out for the rest of the littles and if one of them wants something, usually food that someone else has, he is the first to offer to break his in half or share a sip of his drink.

So the other day, he comes in my room and picks up a picture of me holding a baby in China and our conversation went like this...
Jeremiah: "Does this baby not have a mama or a papa?"
Ellie :"No, he doesn't. Isn't that so sad Jer?"
Jeremiah: "That's soo sad. We should go get him to come live with our family and then he will have a mama and a papa."
Ellie: "Aww! That is such a great idea. I wish we could but China is kinda silly. They think we have too many kids so they won't let us adopt from their country."
Jeremiah: "Pffffff...(rolls eyes at the thought of our family having too many kids) ...That's weird. Wellll... (long pause as he tries to think of a way to get around this issue without getting rid of jimmy.) ....We could lie." and finishes our conversation with his eyebrow face. As shown above.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


The boys just started playing T-ball a few weeks ago and they absolutely LOVE it. How cute are they? They make up most of their team! :)

Left to right: 1. James, sporting the elf look with his ears folded down. He's getting into the Christmas spirit a little early. 2. Jeremiah being super cute 3. Josiah, who most likely was going for a headlock but paused for the picture.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sweet Memories of Kolfe

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oh, the things brothers can do...

"Look Ellie!! We made a letter 'I'!!!!"

Lovely Ladies.

Kerennie and Kez are the most silly, frilly, lovely ladies in all the wide world. They are so much fun but they are all over the place! They are both extremely tall and are catching up to the boys in height and weight.  They are going to be taller than me when they are seven. They talk alll the time and love to call your name until you go do exactly what they want.  When they want me they yell "Ully,Ully,Ully, Ully, Ully, Ully!!!!" and then when you finally make it over to them they say it again. "Ully.... look me want cookie dis Ullyyyyyyyy." As they stand by the pantry trying their hardest to open the child safety lock from heaven. :) They are hilarious.
Showing off her "peent" (pink) nails.
They LOVE nail polish. Keziah IS drama. Here she sports her lovely crown and chef hat while crying to go outside with "my boys". Like I said...She IS drama.
As frilly as they are, you can definitely tell they have shown here.
Sweet Keren with her amazing hair. They LOVE each other and whenever you give one something they say "One, Tezzy!" Which means, give me one for Kezzie too. (They know what their names are but they call each other Kezzie. Its hilarious.) and then they run and give the other item you gave them to the other sister. Its so sweet. They are awesome. They have the boys wrapped around their fingers for sure. Kezzie and her friend Amber.  Keren and her sweet friend Amon whom the girls adore. Baby Kez. Shopping with Gram! :) They love to watch movies in the van...especially "Rella" aka, anything princess or Tinkerbell. Oh this was a fun day. They decided to have a mud fight in the back yard and pounds of sand do not come out of curls easily. But even covered in mud, this girl has her "Pretty's" (or necklaces) on. :) We are headed to the beach for a week come Friday and we are sooooo excited! We just shaved the boys heads so the sand in Siah's hair won't be a problem..the girls hair will be another matter. It will be a blast though!