Monday, August 30, 2010

David Platt- What Happens to Those Who Never Hear the Gospel?

Please go watch this video. Take that half an hour that you would have used reading blogs and go watch this. Listen to it while doing whatever you were doing before you got on the computer or whatever you are actually supposed to be doing right now.
This is radical truth that needs to be screamed from the rooftops of our houses. Enough mamby-pamby Christianity. Enough living with our God-in-a-box who is ok with our busy lives and just pours down blessings when we need them. We live in a fallen world that is groaning for something more. Fulfillment. Love. Mercy. A sense of belonging.
They are groaning for the God who created them and loves them and MADE A FREAKIN WAY FOR US TO BECOME HIS CHILDREN!!! We, who were the poor, broken, ugly, wretches of this world, have been made His children through the blood of Christ. We were filled with sin and shame, too filthy to be in the presence of a holy God. There was absolutely NO WAY that we could ever make ourselves right with God until He stepped in in His great love and MADE THE WAY FOR US! HE did it. He sacrificed His one and only beloved son to come be the perfect sacrifice. He sent HIS son to come be the scapegoat for our sins. Not because of anything we did or could do for God. He didn't say "Oh hmm, these humans can help me out. How about I save them so they can help me out?" NO! we had nothing to offer Him and He sacrificed what He loved best to save us. "Us" being- those who hated Him and wanted nothing to do with Him. That is a God who is worthy of being praised! God poured His wrath upon His lovely, innocent son...all for our sake. To give us a chance to be washed white as snow and to be adopted into HIS family.
Why aren't we celebrating?
And If we are celebrating...what about the rest of the world who God made the way for... who have just never heard that this good news is for them as well?
What about the orphaned street child who is stealing food to survive and living the only way the world has taught him to live? WHAT ABOUT HIM?! What if He is never told of the God who loves Him and is waiting with open arms to heal and forgive him of His sins? The God who longs to show him that He is his TRUE FATHER? What if He goes through life miserably, never hearing this amazing truth that we celebrate and keep hidden to ourselves? WHAT IF WE NEVER TELL HIM?!
It doesn't matter so much that we feed orphans, and clothe them, and give them toys and mosquito nets if they never know of the love of Jesus! Orphan care is not truly orphan care until we bring them the Gospel. They need to know the good news that although they were sinners, unworthy to be in the presence of a Holy God, they have been adopted into a His family forever, have been forgiven, cleansed and redeemed. They need to have the hope that, although this life is hard and unfair, and injustice is rampant, this is not all there is. One day Jesus is going to come wipe away all of our tears and set all things right! He is going to make all things NEW! No more evil, no more injustice, no more exploited children, no more dying parents, no more not seeing Jesus face to face. We will be with Him forever. Safe, loved, with no worries...because those who believe and have trusted Him, are his children forever.
I want to spend my life for this orphaned street child. I want to spend my life telling others of this transforming, life-shaking, heart changing, good news.
This good news is nothing to be ashamed of. Let's quit living our lives, content with the amount of Jesus that makes us feel warm and fuzzy. Let's start living and loving the way He did.
God is transforming my idea of Christianity. It turns out, praying "The Sinners Prayer" isn't what its about at all.
(This is Henry. He lives in a village in Uganda. He is an orphan. Jesus died for him.)


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Staci said...

Amen!! So true, Ellie! Thanks for posting that! I am going to watch that video now!!!! ps. at the missions service at my church this week, we were discussing the unreached people of the world. talk about over 2 billion people who have never heard about Jesus. we need to get over there and reach these people!!!!

Catherine said...

Cant wait to hear him in chapel, so glad I got to see you tonight! Hope class went well :)

Joanna @ Asking with Faith said...

Thank you Ellie! I listened to this sermon last night/this morning. Wow. I NEVER thought about it that way before. Now I know..and must do something. I so wish I could hear David Platt in person!

Thanks for posting.

Joanna @ Asking with Faith said...

Where did you learn Lugandan? Please tell!

Sharon said...

Amazing truths in this video and in your words!! And seeing the picture of Henry makes me want to GO and TELL!!