Saturday, October 20, 2007

Steven Curtis Chapman Concert

Well, yesterday was a blast! We had lunch with SCC, his lovely wife, Mrs. Chapman, and about 40-50 other people. My parents gave our adoption story and Mr. Chapman spoke about adoption and how Shaohannah's Hope came about. Afterwords, we went to the concert (which was wonderful!) and got to see them again backstage. They are so nice! My mom will tell the story way better than me though so check out her blog. I also got to meet Rob Mitchell, author of 'Castaway Kid', who was at the luncheon. We had tons of pictures and video from yesterday but guess what?? They all got deleted!! :( We have not taken any pictures on that card since then, so we were told that we can probably restore them. Once we get them back, I will post them!


Erin said...

wow what an awesome experience! lucky you! :)
that sucks about the pictures though.. I hope you get them back!!

Nikki said...

Sounds fun- I am going to go take a look at your mom's blog to get the full story!!
That is so cool that your sister went on a mission to Argentina. I am really strongly considering taking a year or so off after I get my degree (that will be 4 years from now though) and do a year-long mission... I am thinking in Haiti, but that might change.
As for the fire alarms, we went all weekend without having any so I *think* (and hope!) that whoever was doing it has given up!!

Jie Jie to Sarah Lu and Chayah Ru said...

Wow Ellie!! That is sooo cool!! I just took a look at your mom's blog, how awesome! So glad you got the pictures back too (I saw some on your mom's blog). We went to the SCC concert and volunteered for Shaohannah's Hope just about a month ago... we met SCC too. :) It's cool to see alot of the same people we met, and then you're meeting them ;) Wow!! What an awesome experience!!!!