Saturday, October 13, 2007

Glorious fall

We have no fall colors yet so here is the picture of the sky :) It is so much easier to see God's glory when the weather is like it is today! The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing and the high today is only 74! It should get pretty chilly tonight though as the low is 43. Today is also opening day for gun season. My Dad, brother and cousin went hunting this morning with no success but are hoping things will be better tonight :) Our Court date is in 5 days! (Ethiopia is a day ahead of us.) So next Thursday, Mary said she would call us with the details and we will book our flights and hotel. I can't wait! Let's just pray that everything goes smoothly and they approve us right away! Sorry if this is kind of hard to read, I had it perfectly lined out with paragraphs and it looked so nice! And when I hit publish... It all got smashed together! :( P.S.- I took this picture :)


Amanda said...

The colors of Fall is one of the best parts of Fall!

Anonymous said...

l LOVE CLOUDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) very nice picture !!

Jocelyn said...

Ellie, did you see that I posted if all goes well, we will be in
Addis at the same time?? I am so excited. I hope we can meet one another! Let me know where you all are staying. Payton, Keziah, Keren and Josiah can have a play date:-)My email is!

Erin said...

that's an awesome picture.. so pretty!
what organization did are you going through for the adoption? because we know a Mary through ours too! :)

Robin said...

Isn't NC beautiful in the fall!!! We've waited so long for cool temps and God is really blessing us this weekend!!!

Robin in NC

Faye Creech said...

Hey! If they want somewhere to hunt we need some "critter control" down here before we plant trees this winter and there are lots of deer everywhere! Tell your Dad or brother to give me a call!
We are counting down with you :) !