Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blackening of the hair? Whaaa??

Mix up in the hair department. Black is the new brown? Maybe not. It's more shocking in person. i promise. I saw myself in the window at school today and nearly screamed. Hopefully I won't scare away small children.
In other areas of life, there is just as much craziness.Yay school! I am honestly more excited for this school semester than any other before it. I am taking classes on things that I am genuinely interested in! Amazing. It probably helps that this is the home stretch for high school! I told someone I was a senior today and it almost felt like I was lying. Sometimes I feel like I'm 12 and shouldn't be graduating, other times...i feel like it's about time school starting wrapping itself up.
The Littles have all started school (homeschool) and may just be the cutest little learning children ever to learn anything. Fo Real. They just started AWANA this week as well! Those little Bible verse spouting children in vests will be too much cuteness for me to handle!
How are your school plans turning out for this lovely fall semester?
Speaking of the Oh So Glorious Fall! { I am almost afraid to mention its name, lest it see me and my black hair and run away in fear.}
Sweetest season of all, please come quickly so that I can wear boots, and play in the leaves, and actually breathe when I walk out the front door. Thanks a million.


Emily said...

I LOVE your new hair, Ellie! Can't wait to see it in person!!!