Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's not often that you share a bunkbed with someone in Africa and run into them at a party in America.

(Eyob, far left and Josiah is second to last on the right with the sippy cup.) Sweet miracles of adoption. Both these little boys started out their lives in Ethiopia and now it turns out that God has brought them to the same area, of the same state, on the other side of the world. Amazing. Josiah has been talking about this all week now. His "Ee-tyo-pya fwend" is in America just like him. Our God is the God who heals. He sent his son to set the captives free and bind up even the tiniest broken hearts. This little boy's heart is being healed over and over again and it's so lovely to see.


natali said...

oh wow. :))

Sharon said...

Awesome!! Only God! They are precious!

Dana Lewis, DVM said...

I didn't realize we had become blogworthy. :-) Thanks for the pics again.