Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kerennie and Me.

Lady: "Is she your daughter?"
Me: "No, she's my little sister."
Lady:"OH, ok. I could tell yall were related. You look a lot alike. you have the same eyes and mouth!"
Me: "Oh really? That's so awesome! Thanks so much!"
Lady: "Yep. Same eyes and mouth."
I decided that telling her Keren was adopted from Africa wasn't necessary. I wish I had Keren's eyes and mouth though. fo reals.

--------------------------------------------- Jeremiah's quote of the day:
"Ellie please take this and do not give it to Keziah...She kill me with it." (insert crazy eyebrow face here.)
Needless to say, I took the plastic orange away. :)
I'm going to miss these precious boogers SO bad while I'm in Uganda!! Just four more days!


Sharon said...

Aww, I would miss them too! :) They sound like they are some smart little kids!