Thursday, May 13, 2010

I leave for Uganda...In less than two weeks.

My team and I leave for Uganda on May 26th! Less than two weeks from now!

The time has flown by and I have watched the Lord provide in miraculous ways for this trip. The way he brought all of the team together as well as all of the resources- it’s been an incredible faith journey already and we haven’t even left for Uganda yet! I just wanted to thank you all from the deepest parts of my heart for your generous gifts and your willingness to be a part of this exciting journey that God has me on right now. You have all blessed and encouraged me SO much with your prayers, generosity, and sweet words of encouragement.

I can not express my thanks enough! Your gifts have been instrumental in the following things that we will be doing in Uganda:

We will be giving out much needed mosquito nets, holding hygiene clinics to train people how to clean their water jugs and prepare them for NEW CLEAN WATER!

We will be dedicating a new well that will be providing clean water for hundreds of people, we will be holding fun filled game days in orphanages, we will also be volunteering in a baby orphanage, building a structure for the local Church to meet in and much more!

We would greatly appreciate your prayers as we embark on this journey. Prayer Requests:

· That we would have the complete unity as a team that only comes with Christ.

· The Lord would use us to impact those we meet in Uganda for HIS kingdom.

· For willingness in each of us to be used by God, no matter the cost.

· The Lord would work mightily in each team member’s heart and life.

· That we would show each and every precious orphan we meet that they are loved and valued by us... But most importantly, by their Creator.

· For health while we are there.

· For our families at home.

· Please pray that this two week trip wouldn’t just be a two week trip- please pray that it changes MANY lives with an eternal impact, the lives of those in Uganda, those on the team and even the families and friends of the team members when they return. May the Lord work wonders!

Thank you SO much for your part in this! I love you all!

I would love for you all to follow us on our trip blog and see what the Lord is doing over the two weeks that we will be there. You have all been such a huge part of getting us to Uganda, I’d love for you to be able to see some of the impact of your gifts!

P.S. You can also pray that I will acquire an African Accent and magically turn brown. Muchas Gracias.


Enjoying Life Together said...

Okay, so you added the "magically turn brown" to this one. Then ended with Spanish. I'm still laughing. WHY am I still laughing!?

We'll get you added to the kids' prayer list tomorrow.

Still laughing...

~Mrs. F