Friday, August 21, 2009

Sweet 16!!!

Yes, yes it's true. I'm now 16.

I gave 3 of my very good friends (and their moms, who happen to be my mom's very good friends which worked out nicely.:) a packing list and a time frame of when I was going to kidnap them. I banged on their back doors dressed like a disturbed madwoman who had a secret desire to be a ninja, and then we drove for four hours up to the Asheville, NC to spend the weekend at the Biltmore Estate! We had soo much fun and I don't think we ever stopped laughing.
(P.S. The Biltmore is an incredible place to visit, we have season passes and LOVE it there. and also...there is this incredible Thai restaurant in Asheville that our long time friends own that is insanely delicious. They put on the Ritz for us and were so sweet. Gahh. Just typing this made me hungry for their deliciousness. )
My sweet birthday letter from Solomon...:) "Hello Ellie Happy birthday. How are you? I am so sorry because I didn’t write for you sooner. The reason for this is I think that you are going to other place for work. My graduation day is September 1. I hope that mom will be with me in that day. I am so happy very much. I love you my dear sister Ellie. Happy Birthday!!!"
Mom leaves for Ethiopia TOMORROW!!! Please keep her in your prayers! I'm so excited for her!


Katarina said...

Happy Belated birthday!!

It looks like y'all had fun. The Biltmore Estate is one my list of "One day I will go there!". lol

You might want to change your profile now. :D

Tori said...

Happy Birthday, Ellie!
I'm so glad you had such a great weekend get-away! What Fun!
Love you girl!
P.S. I'm sorry if your b-day card arrived a little late! :)

Rachel said...

Thank you and your mom for sharing Solomon's letters! They bring tears to my eyes every time. I will so be praying for your mom. Looks like you had a great time! Cute pics :)