Monday, August 31, 2009

A sneek peek into our week.

The Littles have been angels. The girls are more of the type of angels that hit each other occasionally and sometimes bite and sometimes take off their diapers at nap and have an obsession with flushing the toilets and washing their hands every five minutes... but overall, angels would be a good word. :) If you've ever the met the girls, you know they are 100% full of energy and too smart for their own good. The only thing is they are so fast and so busy and they move in the opposite direction. They are incredible and I love them with all of my heart but they can be difficult at times.

It's almost like God has given them a heavenly dose of benadryl this week, not even kidding. They have been so much fun and so well behaved. Thank you Jesus. :)
God has been so good. Everything has gone so smoothly and everyone has had wonderful attitudes and loving hearts. I so appreciate everyone's offers to help but we have been surviving quite comfortably!! More than surviving, we've been living quite comfortably. Elsa is a Godsend. I love her.
Today we had a case of a popcorn kernel up a nostril. We almost had an experiment on whether corn stalks could grow in sinuses but luckily we handled it before the situation was too far gone. or up. or...yea.
I have pulled three loose teeth in the past two days leaving two little boys with no front teeth. It's precious. Two years of speech therapy has gone out the window, lisps are inevitable. Ever wonder if the whole "tie a piece of string around your tooth and then tie the other end to a door knob and shut the door" method works? It does.
We really are documenting everything I just haven't had any time at all to compile our videos together yet! They are coming soon I promise. :) Pictures from Marbles Kids museum (my fave place in NC pretty much), the park, frog catching etc.
She painted her own face at Marbles. :) Swingin at the park with our poodle the way cool people do. Frog hunting. "I CAUGHT A BIG FAT PAPA FROG!!! I "FOT" IT WAS A ROCK AND DEN IT JUMPED!!!" Rennie's masterpiece involving lots of glue and feathers. :)
Kezzie looking more than slightly suspicious on the far left and the other little girl on the far right looking shocked.
We took the littles to drive their truck around at Joyner's Park. They had a blast.
This was fun until the bees came. :) First soccer practice this week!! Fun at Marbles.
Videos coming soon. :)>


Enjoying Life Together said...

I'd be happy to help you Thursday afternoon get your house ready for your mom's return if you need it. I can clean, do laundry, etc. Just let me know if you want us.

Sharon said...

Wow it looks they have been having a lot of fun this week! I almost tried the tooth pulling thing with my little brother (6) but he did not like that idea! I really like the picture of all of them with the ice cream! OH and the frog catching, too funny! And it must be so cute to watch the boys play soccer! :) Thanks for sharing all the pictures!

Tori said...

How Fun!!!!

Unknown said...

i LOVE grandma's face in the frog picture!! Classic grandma!! Love you and miss you!!

Anonymous said...

Very cool. A friend of mine pointed me to your blog. Enjoyed it immeasurably. You're a great example!