Saturday, August 22, 2009

And She's Off!!

Mom just called from D.C.! Her plane is boarding and she is officially on her way back to Ethiopia!!! AHHHHH!! :)

Today our neighbor came over to play for a while and Jeremiah sees him at the door, rushes to open it and quickly told him that Mom had just left on an airplane to go to Ethiopia to see Solomon and he was beyond excited to tell him. Next he told him all about Malaria and the need for mosquito nets in Africa. (We talked about Malaria recently and our sweet boys excitedly volunteered to give their tooth fairy money to buy mosquito nets and they bought about 25 nets!!) Well, our sweet little neighbor child had no clue what Jer was saying and had a look on his face that said "I just asked if you could come outside..."
After playing outside for a while, (we shall call him "Bob") "Bob" breaks out his gameboy and is sitting by himself for a while just playing away. James then walks over and says "Do you know video games make you lazy and turn your brain to mush?" Blunt much, James? :) We love our neighbor, he mostly seems like he loves us too. Most of the time.
My boys bring joy to my soul.


Sharon said...

Laughing at the part where James tells "BOB" about video games! Too Funny! That is so cool that the kids are thinking about other children who are less fortunate. That is the sweetest thing for them to give up there money! They have got some great hearts, and they are just getting started! Imagine what they will be doing for others when they are older. :)

Enjoying Life Together said...

James is right about video games! :) Let me know how I can help you while your mom is away.