Sunday, March 2, 2008


Josiah, Keren and Keziah have adjusted amazingly well. The boys have decided they are triplets. I asked Jeremiah if Josiah was his twin and he said "Yes!" and looked at me like 'hello?!' and then Jimmy said, "No, we are triplets." They are so funny and so precious!! They really have turned into triplets. We always dress them the same and they are big in to matching now. If one's pajamas match another one's pajamas and one other boy has a different pair, whooh, there will be tears. "We has to match!!!" So they have become a little obsessed with the matching thing but they will outgrow It I'm sure.

Since we have been home Josiah has :

1. Learned English amazingly fast

2. Has eaten gum off the shopping cart

3. Learned all of the songs in the Chicken little movie

4. Learned most of the names of the Characters in the Thomas movies

5. Grown an inch since we got our referral

6. Swigged pepper from the shaker at Chick-fil-a and found out it was spicy " Agua Agua!"

7. Oh! Learned some spanish

8. One night around his third week home he decide he didn't want to go to bed. We older people were downstairs watching a movie. After the twin boys fell asleep, little Mr. Sneaky Sneak decided to go though bedtime routine again, all by himself. He went potty, ( unrolled the rest of the toilet paper on the roll.) He brushed his teeth ( with practically all of the toothpaste in the tube.) He changed his pull-up to the Cars movie one and even had time to write all over my homework that was laying on my bed. He felt very productive no doubt. Until Mom talked to him and sent him back to bed. (Oops! That was the last of that! Thank goodness he didn't get into anything too dangerous upstairs!) He is so funny!

9. Bonded extremely well with his new family

10. And most of all, stolen our hearts! :)

We were eating at Chick-fil-a the other day and while we weren't looking, ( after he 'drank' the pepper) poored some of his water out onto the table and licked it off, sending his brothers into hysterics and sending himslef into a 'Don't Do That There are Germs!!!' speech from mom. He just laughed and said "Wo-kay (ok) mom" He is the family clown. We LOVE baby boy Siah! The girls have quickly become the little spoiled princesses and don't like to be put down anymore and they have their whole family wrapped around their chubby little fingers. I will have to try to post pictures soon but don't have any recent ones on this computer.


Anonymous said...

Haha, number 2 had me laughing

Amanda said...

lol.....Josiah fits right into the Mestas clan:-)

Jie Jie to Sarah Lu and Chayah Ru said...

Aww! I loved reading all about Josiah!!! So cute (and funny!!) =D