Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Library at Kolfe

Some of you might remember me posting about raising money for the library at Kolfe. Well Solomon, who lives at Kolfe, ( you probably have seen his letters to my mom on her blog) sent me an email today saying it is done! We were there while it was being painted. It was so neat to actually be able to see the somewhat finished product of the fundraising we did. Here are some pictures of the library when we were there and the letter from Solomon : Here are the pictures of the library... They were so proud! ( The library might have actually been on the other side of this wall but we only went on this side of the building.) Hello Eillie, It is your brother Solomon. I remeber you always. How can I forget you. you are very generous. I always proud by you. I really have a wonderful sister. In Kolfe this time many peoples re caming to visit us. They share there love for us. The library also open. Two computers are also bought one for the library one for the office. the weather in Ethiopia this time is warm because it is summer. School is good. I finished the first semister and I look my result I score high mark in my class. I meet with Trevor and Keva also I send a letter to all of you. I pray for all of you every day. I pray that God help me to live with all of you. I always remeber you. I can't sleep in the night. I saw your family picture and I crying. I don't know what to do. I don't know how I can express my love but I love all of you million times. I miss all of you.Tell to mom I am write soon and I love all of you very much.(xxxxxx) this means hugs!!!. (ssssssss) this means kiss. until later God bless all of you!!!!!!!. Your brother Solomon, To my sweet sister Ellie AWW!! Did that break your heart or what? :-( I wish he could come live with us! Also, soon-to-be traveling families, they are in need of books for their library. They wanted some English dictionaries and I am sure other books to help get their library started. I am sure they appreciate it very much!


Shelly Roberts said...

Fabulous!!! Thanks for sharing, Ellie! We are taking books and lots of clothing with us there. Can't wait to see their library. Please email me if you know anything specific they want for their library. Thanks! robertsfamily@mlgc.com Blessings~ Shelly

Nikki said...

Wow, that did break my heart, I can just imagine how YOU would feel abotu it! What a sweetheart. I really hope I can go to Ethiopia soon! I am having the hardest time finding a group to go with! I emailed the people at Layla and they never got back to me :(


Anonymous said...

What a sweet letter.

Check out my new look!

Unknown said...

Hi Ellie,
I don't know if you will get this as your post is a few weeks old but I wanted to share about our trip to the Kolfe boys orphanage! We read about them on your moms blog and found Ryan's email. We arranged to go and meet the boys and buy books, sheep and fruit for them. In the end we had a hard time actually buying the books though we did make a good start. We sent Ryan 1300 more dollars to buy more books and the sheep they wanted. I have a video montage of our trip to the Kolfe boys and also of our trip to Ethiopia on my blog www.irishopian.blogspot.com -- There is a great photo of Soloman and one of he and I when he told me who I was and I got emotional thinking of your families love for him!!!
God bless you! Kristin