Sunday, March 2, 2008

Day 5 In Ethiopia

Today is Thursday, November 23rd 2007.... It is official. I LOVE Ethiopia and don't want to leave. (I can't wait to go back to stay longer next time. As in like move there.) Today we got up kind of late and had breakfast downstairs in the Hilton. Josiah had something that he didn't like and made a huge deal out of it, spitting it out all over the floor. He has had some tummy problems all day today poor lil' fella. Papa got some "Anana" yogurt thinking it was 'Banana'. Nope, it was pineapple. It was pretty good, just not banana like he was expecting. :)

"Peekoo!" Ok, this next picture was taken right before he smashed his little finger in this mean ol' highchair. :( ( it latched on the bottom and he kept sneaking his little finger under and unlatching it,laughing and lifting the tray [he knew he wasn't supposed too] and the last tikme he tried it he dropped it. ouch.) From these pictures you can see how the restaraunt us pretty nice and very clean. And Josiah just spit his food out going "Ptuh! Ptuh! Eww!" oops! We took Josiah out to the playground today and he loved it!! Cutie trying not to smile :) There is that gorgeous smile!! You can just read the look on his face "I better hang on tight!" ( yes, i rode on the nauseating merry go round thing, one advantage to being small! :) Ellie and Keziah on the tiny swing... Ellie and Keren on the really tiny swing... After breakfast, we went to buy more water bottles and headed off to eat at 'Top View' The food was VERY good and the waitress gave me and Joanna a talking to about not eating our veggies :) "You don't like??! Why you don't eat?" (pointing to the veggies on our plates) After lunch we went outside and took pictures of the view. It was so amazingly gorgeous and heartbreaking. (Much like Entoto Mt.)

Then we headed off to a little coffee shop where Travis accidentally payed about 25 American dollars for two jump ropes :) It was sooo funny because he didn't even realize it until we were gone. It was a confusion with the birr again. Travis joked later about having looked up the word 'thief' and 'rude' in his Amharic dictionary so he could go back and talk to that guy. He ended up giving him 200 more birr though instead of telling him off when we went back a few days later :)

Then we set off for Kolfe! You will have to go read what my Mom posted about our time at Kolfe if you haven't already. Click here for that post.

Here is where The Cutie, Hilarious, Silly, Goober of a Keren comes in... The ride to Kolfe was long and it was exceptionally hot this day. Well, I had Keren in the snuggly in the car. She was being such a little stinker, first she pinched me with her sharp little nails, then she hit me and Josiah and guess what she did next? She threw up all over me and LAUGHED!! The burp cloth stayed dry miraculously but I didn't. (*I brought a change of clothes with me everywhere after this and let my mom take Keren :) I love her so much and she is soooo sweet most of the time but I was not very happy with her right then. Going to Kolfe was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. I am so glad that we went, spit-up covered and all. We went back to he hotel and ate in again. It was an amazing day and I wouldn't take out a single experience. Well, it would have been kind of nice to stay dry...:-)


Anonymous said...

Good photos!

Nikki said...

That sounds amazing. I hope I am able to go to Ethiopia soon! I did read your mom's post several weeks (months?) ago and really enjoyed it!