Thursday, July 26, 2007

Shots...Check! (Well, half of them at least.)

I got my Hepatitis A and Tetanus shots today. It did not hurt when I got it done but my arms are a tad bit sore now! I have to get the other shots (and pills) I need in about two weeks. We wanted to go ahead and get our shots so that we are ready to go when we get a referral. I can not wait!!!!!! That is all for today! Have a good day everyone! ~Ellie~


NCLighthousekeeper said...

I hope your brothers have forgiven you for that dream you had!

Anonymous said...

I am sooooooooo excited for you!!!!
(and your family) I can't wait to finally meet the lil' girls!!!!! It seemed like yesterday when you told me that your family was thinking of adopting some more kids, and that you REALLY wanted a little sister!!!!!! I am as excited for you, as I would be if it was my family adopting three little girls!!!! I know they will be ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!!!!
Ur sis in Christ,
<>< Paige