Saturday, July 7, 2007

Gotcha Day! 07-07-07

Today is our Gotcha Day for the twins! We have them for four years today! I can't believe it! For those of you who don't know, they were born at 27 weeks, they were supposed to be blind and deaf and have learning disabilities and James had a grade 2-3 brain bleed at birth so they told us he would probably have cerebral palsy . Today they are perfectly healthy and they are the sweetest little boys you ever did see. I cannot thank the Lord enough for putting these precious boys in my life; they bring such joy into our home. They are the best present I've ever gotten! Here is somewhat of a picture timeline of their lives so far.
Mom's first time holding them. Tiny boy! Mom and Papa and baby boys! Jimmy did it! Aren't we cute! Why are we on a rock Mom? Cuddle time! Our First Christmas! ~Melissa and Randy's wedding~


NCLighthousekeeper said...

TOO CUTE!!! They are growing into such handsome guys! Give them a hug for me...

Miss Beth