Wednesday, October 6, 2010

fall break, fall pictures, mmm mmm good.

Fall Break = Work Productivity

I LOVE fall break. I have gotten so many things done this week, it's not even funny. I think we should have fall break all year long.

On Monday, I repainted/redecorated my bathroom/broke the toilet with the cord from my lamp. {lame? yes.}

On Tuesday, I sewed cool things, and then sparred with people, and then we got the toilet replaced.

And today, I decorated our house for fall, finished the bathroom decorating, and wrote a song on my lovely ol' piano.

And I still have three more days of fall break...yesss. I need to make another list of things to do.

Here are a few shots from our family photoshoot! If you have jealousy issues, you may not want to look at these pictures of my cute family.


Sharon said...

I'll have to admit I must have jealousy issues, cause your family is precious!!! :) I can't wait to see you all in a couple days! I might just have to pretend I am in your family. ;)

Rachel said...

One. Omageezz, your family... too cute!

Two. Please send a fall break my way.