Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's 11:53. still wednesday.

Ok so here is my 10 random things of this week:

1. I have a feeling i did something this week but at the moment, absolutely nothing is coming to mind. (does this count as one of the ten? yes. i make the rules here.)
2. We went to a Mexican restaurant after church Sunday and Josiah was being a goober. To keep him busy i told him( i know, i know) that the reason why the waiter didn't take his plate was because he was too busy messing with the sugar packets to tell the waiter he was done. it went down hill from there and suddenly...sugar packets had magical powers that make you invisible to waiters. Then he wanted to eat it, so i let him. he lost his lunch. on me. and him. and the corner. Valuable life lessons here: 1. Josiah gags easy... 2.Ellie shouldn't try this method of entertaining ever again. ever. 3. The Post office is to be alerted of such things. :"Ellie, I'm gonna tell the post office that you made Josiah eat that... " -Jeremiah
3. Keren doesn't like her hair to be in a fro. at all.
4. Today we got to welcome home another little boy from Ethiopia! He is from the same foster house as Kezzie and Rennie and our good friends, The Kicks, brought him HOME today!
5. The littles get special privileges and get to go behind the counter with their airport friends to get "bracelets"(also known as luggage tags.) because of how often we are there.
5. I know just about every word to every Fresh Beat Band song. ( i realize this is weird.) The Littles are fresh-beat-band-a-holics.
6. My family is so nosy that telling anyone anything is like a game of telephone. You tell someone in the kitchen something and someone comes running from the play room repeating what they clearly heard from the playroom which was definitely not what you said, and then somebody else heard the playroom dweller say something else, and then it's a major story before you even reach the living room. (*inhale*)
7. (, seven, seven...) Well. Let me just say that I am extremely glad to be out of the dark ages time period in History/Literature. it was just so stinkin dark. Who needs it? Canterbury Tales? What did you even say? Were you written in Dutch?
8. A "T-rella Drella" is actually not a creature you would learn about in Biology. It is in fact, a Cinderella Umbrella.
9. This week, James informed me that Michael Jackson can sing better than me. I was eating some breakfast, and he just had to tell me. (Michael Jackson is his favorite singer thanks to Free Willy. I think the boys all secretly wish to be the whale riding boy. I think i secretly wish to be the whale riding boy.)
10. This evening I discovered that I was missing an earring all day. I was a pirate today. a pirate with bangs. (random fact number 11. I am an impulsive hair cutter. I'll vow to grow my hair until i'm seventy three and then decide i like short hair five minutes later.)
P.S. Some exciting Etaala news coming soon.


Sharon said...

Haha yes 11:53 is defiantly still wednesday! :) Oh now I get the whole sugar packet and throwing up story! Haha, and maybe Jeremiah was trying to say he was going to tell the police officer?? Aren't kids just hilarious?! Yea for the recent adoption, another orphan has a family, so exciting!! And I know what you mean about the "telephone" game, that's how it is here too. You learn not to believe everything you hear that's for sure.