Wednesday, January 20, 2010

10 random facts for a rainy day.

When you have nothing to say, say something random. I have tons of things i could say but this seems like a quicker idea than my other blog post options.

1. I love Jesus sooo very much.
2 .I am kind of obsessed with Fox News lately.
3. I use this accent in every day language about as much as my regular voice. my sister started it and it's basically an addiction. don't try it, it will take over your life.
4. I don't go by my real name. Ellie is not the full name. It's like I'm incognito. (except i talk so much it would never work. people know who i am.)
5. I set my alarm for 30 minutes before the girls wake up so that they won't come in and destroy my room like thieves in the night while i sleep.
6. in my mind, when the Bible talks about Manna, i picture cucumbers. they are the only food heavenly enough for the angels to have eaten all the time.
7. I have recently taken up Taekwondo and I actually really like it. I will be a ninja one day.
8. I want to be a hippie. One that is clean, but eats only organic things and has a garden and dresses really cool and has a bunch of little brown children and preferably this would all be happening in Africa.
9. I have no favorite color. But if I did, it would either be a rusty orange or teal... or both of them sitting next to each other.
10. I am a tea drinker. I drink tea like a British person.
Those are my random facts of the day. From now on, on Wednesdays, i will post ten random facts about my week with the littles. that way i will post on this blog even if i can't think of anything funny or interesting to say. unless i forget. which would bring us to random fact number 11. I never get jet lag because i have zero concept of time. don't ask me what day it is, i don't know.


Miss Mestas said...

I might have to borrow this topic... I run out of stuff to blog about too =)

Melissa Pearce said...

i love it! And i like your new background, too ma dear.

Kayley said...

I definitely feel your hippies in africa comment :) however....
cucumbers are foul creatures from mars I strongly believe. and I would not choose to drink them with tea either :)

and your names not ellie? gasp.. I'll have to sneak a peek at your passport :)

Sharon said...

You make me laugh!!! :) I love randomness! Hahaha. Well, I guess the obvious question is what is your full name? And the accent, hilarious!! Yeah good advice I won't even try, haha. Very informative post! Can't wait to hear more randomness!

Sharon said...

P.S. I love your last random fact, haha. And I couldn't tell you what day it is either! lol.

Katarina said...

"I set my alarm for 30 minutes before the girls wake up so that they won't come in and destroy my room like thieves in the night while i sleep."

I love that!!!