Sunday, June 8, 2008


I feel so bad I have been such a horrible blogger lately! I still haven't even finished posting about Ethiopia and that was over 6 months ago! (which is so hard to believe!!) I leave for China two weeks from today too! I am sooooo... excited. I think most of you have probably read this on my parents blog by now but just incase you hadn't I will post it here as well. It has been decided that we are not going to go through with the adoption of 'M'. You can read more here. Here are some recent pictures of the littles though! They are getting so big so fast!

"This isn't exactly comfy...." "Why is everyone in my crib?"

Kerennie being cute as always.... some super cute boys!! Chillin at the mall. Playing with the neighbors. Me and crazy. :)


NCLighthousekeeper said...

Super Cute Pictures!!!!


Shelly Roberts said...

LOVE all these photos!! Excited for you about the China trip. The Lord is gonna keep doing great things!! Keep us posted. :) ~Shelly

Amanda said...

aww...these pict ures are cute!