Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Heading to China!!

I can't believe just how fast the trip came up!! I leave in three days already!

I am soooooooooooo........ excited but I am going to miss being away from my family too. Especially being away from the littles. You miss so much even when you leave for just a little while. I mean within the past two weeks, Jeremiah lost his first tooth and started writing his WHOLE name by himself. :) I'm sure it will go by sooo.. fast though! Before I know it I will be home from the trip..which is kind of sad to think about. :) The boys actually have this funny phrase now that they use like this.." Jer, why are you still talking about that? That was like 4 yesterdays ago." haha...they make us laugh.

I am leaving for Chicago Saturday, (will meet up with our Show Hope team there) leave for China Sunday and arrive in Beijing on Monday. The flight to China will actually be shorter than the flight to Ethiopia which was kind of a pleasant surprise. :) I get back July 6th so I will be gone for a while! I am sooo...excited!!
We will be caring for Orphans in several different orphanages as well as touring Beijing. One thing that we are going to be doing that I am really excited about is a Christmas in July celebration with the kids at a special needs orphanage which sounds soooo cool.
I am going to try to send a few email updates while I am gone to this blog. We'll see if it works. :) Please keep the trip in your prayers. I will be posting lots of pictures when I get home!


Nikki said...

WOW- that is so exciting!! I can't wait to hear all about it, although I may have to wait until the end of July when I get home from the DR, as I don't know how great the Internet service I will have is going to be. Have an AMAZING time!!

NCLighthousekeeper said...

Have a super fantastic, awesome, and wonderful trip.
Love you.

Jie Jie to Sarah Lu and Chayah Ru said...

Oh, Ellie, How exciting!!!! I am so thrilled for you!!! That is so exciting!!! Have an AMAZINGLY AWESOME trip!!! Take lots of pictures of all of the kids you see! ;) And if you go to Langfang (pronounced Long-fong, "a" is pronounced like an "o")- Chayah (Chinese name Duo Duo-pronounced dwah dwah) is at the Langfang City Orphanage or SWI (Social Welfare Institute). I don't know if he is going on the trip or not, but Chris from Shaohannah's Hope has been to her orphanage. I can't wait to hear all about your trip when you get back!!! Have a safe and amazing time!!!!!