Saturday, February 16, 2008

My twinettes are 1 year old!!

It is true! They turned a year old yesterday. We had their birthday party Sunday but we are having the family celebration tonight. I will post pictures from the party as soon as we get them back from my sister! It was a lot of fun and it was so neat to get together with other adoptive families.


Shelly Roberts said...

We'd be DELIGHTED to follow your adoption journey of "M". :) Thanks for sharing. Blessings!, ~Shelly

Nikki said...

Aww, they are getting so big :)

I would love to be invited!


Anna Taylor said...

I can't believe they are all really 1 year old!!:)The video of them dancing is so cute!! They have gotten so big, too soon!:(

InGod'sHands said...

Ciara loves watching the video of the twins dancing. She asks to see it again. We would love to follow your family's next journey. You can email us at

Rebecca Kepley

PS-We are still waiting on a court date for Isaac.

Anonymous said...

I am sooooooo sorry we couldn't be there, but we had a conflict that we couldn't get out of!!

Unknown said...

Hi, my name is Sarah and I've enjoyed learning about the adoption of your siblings from your perspective. I was so happy to hear about the coming adoption and would love hear updates! My email is

Sarah ( )

Sarah said...,

Is Eight Enough? said...


I would LOVE an invitation!! Your mom and I corresponded because my first sign from the Lord that we were to add two girls to our family of six boys, came from the same verses in the book of Job!!

I can't wait to hear more.

BLessings, Justine

Is Eight Enough? said...

Oh, sorry! My email address is:

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellie,
I would love an invite to your new blog. I have been following this one as well as your parents' blog and have enjoyed reading about your beautiful family. We are in the very early stages of our ET adoption.


Anonymous said...

Forgot to add my email.Sorry about that.. Here it is:
ryanemurnane at verizon. net

Aimee said...

I would love to follow your newest adoption adventure.

Penn and Janet said...

Hi Ellie, We would enjoy an invitaion to your new blog! email address is jlinder13

Rachel said...

I have loved following your blog and your parents blog. I would love to continue to follow your family's adoption journey. My email is


Bettina said...

Please invite me as well!

Robin said...

Yep....add us too! Sorry we missed the twin's b-day party. I sent your mom an email asking her to plan it on a Saturday next time!!!!!!

Give your mom a hug for me!

Allie said...

Ellie, I would LOVE to be able to follow your next family adoption. I have enjoyed reading your blog and your parents blog so much.

Anne Devlin said...

Hey Ellie,
I'd love to follow along on your journey to "M" - sure to be filled with God's amazing power!
-Anne Devlin
mom to Max, Suzy, Lily, Ben and Owen

Anonymous said...


We would love to be included. Please include us.

In His Grace, Thankfully,

The Chapman Family

Cori said...

I would love to read about your new adoption possibility! I have so enjoyed following your family's blogs.

Kristy -Mom To 9 Blessings said...

Hi there!
I just love seeing how the Lord is working in your family and would love to share in the story of the next bug thing that He is doing in your family!
Blessings to you all!

Anonymous said...

Ellie..We know your mom and dad from visiting Trinity a couple years ago. We'd love to continue praying for your family and this new adoption journey. Blessings, Jacqueline Guzman


Susy Q said...

Hey Ellie,

I'd love to be invited to your private blog!

Happy (belated) birthday, Keziah and Keren!!!

Susy Q said...

Oh, I almost forgot! My email is

Jie Jie to Sarah Lu and Chayah Ru said...

AW! Happy belated 1st Birthday!!!!! What big girls! :)