Monday, December 17, 2007

Kolfe video


Nikki said...

That is such a touching video, Ellie! I loved reading the post your mom wrote about it as well. I think she mentioned that you guys are going to be trying to raise some funds for them, I can't wait to read more about this!

Beau Fournet said...

What a wonderful video. Thanks for sharing your heart for these boys and encouraging us to act.

Renee said...

Ellie- thank you for sharing this video. We are so looking forward to visitng Kolfe I've collected two full cases of DVD's, 2 dictionaries, T-shirts, socks, pens and pencils for the boys.

By the way we met a woman in Atlanta, her name is Tia, she was traveling with another woman picking up her three girls and she'll be heading back to Ethiopia in a few weeeks to pick up her daughter- anyways she said do you know Ellie, I saw her in Ethiopia! I was so excited and we both commented on what a wonderful young woman you are! Hope you are enjoying your new siblings!

Nicholas said...

Stunning, thank you, today, I needed that! God Bless - Lori

Jocelyn said...

Ellie, that is an amazing video. Thank you for sharing this!

Angela said...

Your Blog is awesome!!! Did you put the video together? I have been praying for the Kolfe Boys and your family each day. It is amazing how the Lord has used you and your family to touch our hearts to pray for these young men. Please keep blogging and we'll keep praying.

Angela, Larry and Eden :)

The Redman's said...

Absolutely touching... and heart wrenching. Thank you for sharing your heart with the blog world! You are touching lives.


emily said...

Wonderful video~ these boys have been on my heart from the moment I heard their story. Thank you for sharing!

We are still waiting on our referral, but we plan to take as much as we can to them!

Deanna said...

Wow! There is such need and you can just see the sweet spirit of God in these children. I will pray for all of their needs to be met.