Monday, December 17, 2007

Whose baby?

We received an email from someone asking for pictures of their little boy but we lost the email somehow. I think your last name was Hinojosa, so, if you are reading this, please email me so I can send you those pictures! We tried sending them from Ethiopia but we don't think it went through. Thanks! ( Here is one.


Nikki said...

Ellie I am dying for day 2!!! Haha, I think I will have to bug you annoyingly for new posts just like I did to Susy when she came home with Sasha :) I am turning into a blog stalker. I really need to stop.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellie! My name is Bettina and I've been checking your blog! What an amazing journey. I'm friends with Renee and Geert and volunteered at the Kechene orphanage for 10 months. I'm sending a message in the hopes that you may have a photo of my little Beamluk, (turning 6 in Jan). She lives at Kechene and is the only child her age with long hair. If you by chance of any photos I would love to have them as this has been a very difficult time having to return to the States after spending 10 months with her :( Thanks so much in advance!!!

I look forward to your updates! :) Again congrats to your family.