Wednesday, September 19, 2007

over $1000!!!

The charter school raised over $1000 for the Kolfe center in Ethiopia! (The Kolfe center is building a library and the school held a fundraiser for them) I am so excited and I pray that this money will be able to help them out wuth getting the library up and running. Thank You Franklin Academy!!! (6 more days!)


Nikki said...

Wow, that is amazing! I'm sure the money will go very far.
What did they do to fundraise? I have serious fundraising on the mind as I need to raise the money to go back to the DR!!

Renee said...

Hi Ellie,
Hedi just emailed me and she has pictures of the girls and Josiah. She's having trouble posting so she asked me to send you and your mom her email address. Send her an email and she can send you the pics directly!

Neil said...

Wow!! thats awesome!!


Amanda said...

That is soooo awesome!!! It's nice to know that schools (well at least some!) around here care about things like that!!!

<3 Amadda panda