Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My NEW ( and improved) Slide Show!

I added new pictures from the Daileaders to this one! Hopefully it is ok now ;) They are sending us video of them too (yay!!) so I will post that on my blog sometime. (maybe even on the slideshow, we'll see :) Thank you again to the D's!


Amy B. said...

Very cool slide show. I really hope your family doesn't have to wait long to hear about a court date. I know you must all be so anxious to have them home. Amy

Anonymous said...

Awesome job Ellie. Enjoyed the slide show and I enjoy reading your blog when I can. For some reason seeing the Mestas name after their first and middle names really made it even more real for me. I hope they dont mind being squeezed and loved up too much cuz that is what they are in for when we see them. Love to all, Aunt Cyndee

Ellie said...

Hi Aunt Cyndee! :)

Nikki said...

Great video, Ellie- I really enjoyed watching it. They are SO cute!! I am very excited for them to come to you.. I can't even imagine how excited you guys must be!

Faye Creech said...

Fantastic!! Here I go crying again!!! (Your mother will understand!). See you Sunday at the shower!
-F Creech

R&H said...

Wow! Your children absolutely took my breath away. They are so beautiful!
I hope you are able to bring them home very very soon!

Heidi Daming said...

They are ADORABLE!!!
Thank you so much for doing this blog!

Heidi Daming said...
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