Wednesday, June 20, 2007

it's working!!!

So far, I have lots of people who are willing to help! My project is working!I just found out today that the orphanage is in DESPERATE need of the following items:Please help us provide much needed new infant and toddler clothes, pacifiers, teething rings, crib mobiles , diapers, wipes A+D ointment and formula (formula is not as available as usual in many stores right now in Addis Ababa because a new taxing system has caused a shortage.) for the orphanage in Ethiopia that we are adopting from. Here are some links for discounts on bulk sized diapers. If you are in Wake Forest, please bring all donations to Homelight Books. Thank You soooo much for your help!!

a. Huggies Baby Shaped Diapers Club Case – Size 1 – 2 and Size 3; $34.99 each (no tax or shipping on Use Referral Code: THCE5959 and get $2.00 off the order. Even though diapers are readily available in Addis Ababa ( The capital city) , it is more expensive to purchase them there and they tend to leak.

b.Nestle Good Start Essentials; 25.7 oz. can (case of 6 cans) $77.96 per case (no tax or shipping on

c. Pamper baby fresh wipes 616 count $18.99 (no tax or shipping on

Thank You For Caring For The Orphan!

James 1:27