Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Changes, changes, everywhere.

Well. If you know me, you probably know that I can sleep anywhere. Literally. You probably know that I am the hardest sleeper ever. You probably know that story about the time I {apparently} punched my camp counselor in the face in my sleep as she was attempting to wake me up in the morning.

{You may not have known that actually...}
Anyways. I have realized that I have way more things to do than I have time for so I am going to be a morning person now. I've decided... and so far it's working pretty well. My alarm only went off for an hour today before I heard it.
I have also decided to start cooking. I LOVE cooking and I just found out! I have been making some super deliciously healthy meals and everyone has been eating them! { which is always a good sign.}
I have decided to become a health nut. I like it. I've cut out processed food and all junk and I haven't had any headaches in 2 weeks.
I have decided to start training for a 5k. Which is also working out pretty nicely so far! I'm hoping to start running some Running Hope races in the future!
So, there you have it. I've told the world about my new years resolutions {in April} so it's officially official. I have to get up early.
We should be hearing about Solomon's TOEFL exam any day now! Then we wait for an embassy appointment where Lord willing, he will be getting his student visa to come to America! Please keep praying for him. Pray that the embassy would find favor with him and grant him his visa. {Or "Sol-mun's Beesah" in the words of Kerennie.}


Amber said...

love the song on your blog and your healthy choices. Good luck on the 5K