Tuesday, February 2, 2010

10 (or maybe 11) facts about this snowy week :

1. This week has flown by like a really fast little bird.

2. We have been {basically} snowed in since Friday and it is now Wednesday. It's been glorious. 7 inches of glorious snow that is still not melted. {and we could get more snow this weekend!}
3. Snow brings people out of their homes. I didn't know that all of the houses in my neighborhood actually had people living in them until this week. People were laughing and playing and sledding and shoveling for hours upon hours. I LOVE it. Me: "Kerennie what do you have?" Keren:" Ummm...a twee"
4. When the snow has turned icy, your sled will go freakishly fast down the hill. Also, when the snow has turned icy, snow ball fights can turn into "to the death" quite quickly. Not my favorite brand of snow ball fight.
5. If you sled down hills with boulders at the bottom, the chances are...you will hit them eventually with your body. and the little children will hit the smaller ones with their sleds and probably go flying off into the woods. it's ok though, snow is pretty soft. 6. Warm blankets, slippers, fire places, tea, cookies, little bundled up marshmallow looking children that can barely move, good books, and snow are among my favorite winter things.
7. Keziah is substantially heavier when she has a snow bib and a coat on and you have to carry her up a hill. Substantially heavier. (thanks mom for the flattering picture.)
8. The boys are fascinated with the Star Wars movies right now. My dad rented most of them for this week that we knew we'd be shut in. I LOVE sitting with them and watching movies...but has anyone ever died of over exposure to Star Wars? I'm thinking it's very possible.
(A Star Wars pose?)
9. We made an igloo. A North Carolina Igloo that is. Maybe it looks not-so-much like an igloo but it served us well. Ok, maybe it looks like a redneck igloo. (inside view...^)
10. Snow has got to be one of the most beautiful creations of Jesus. It is so like Him to cover up all of the dead earth and skinny, leafless, lifeless, trees with beautiful snow. He pours out His life and mercy over our dead ugliness day after day, washing us clean and giving us new life. This peaceful, pure whiteness all around is just another glimpse of His overwhelming grace, washing over my barren life. I love it.
11. Our dog likes to sled. Yes, indeed. She's one of a kind. P.S. Snow Cream is weird. We ate lots of plain snow though. (the spoiled ones had it hand fed to them by their brothers.)
Fact of Jeremiah's Day:
Snow is cold.


Carla said...

hahahaha...I can assure you Ellie that if anybody were to die from overexposure to Star Wars, our eldest would not be here today!

Sharon said...

I love all the cool pictures of you all in the snow! And I was laughing all the way through your explanations. :) I love your igloo, I am surprised we didn't think of something like that, and don't worry ours would have been even more redneckish, haha! OH and that is so funny about your dog liking to sled, I was thinking about putting our's on a sled, but she would have taken up the whole thing, lol, she is a lab, and I don't think she would have liked it. :) It looks like you guys had tons of fun, oh and great ending! Haha! What a funny kid.

Kayla Burick said...

awwwww!!!! I love all the pictures! Thanks Ellie!