Friday, July 10, 2009

Boot Camp '09

I just got back from Boot Camp. I am joining the Army. HA. Big joke. Several people fell for it but yea, umm I'm a little girly for the military. I just got back from BIBLE Boot Camp in Chattanooga, TN with Precept Upon Precept Ministries. If you have never heard of Precepts, I HIGHLY recommend you check them out. They use the "Inductive method" of studying the Bible, where you basically take a passage and dissect it to get the full meaning of what the text means. It is AMAZING. My family and I joined a Precepts Bible Study group in our area about 2 or 3 years ago and love it. They really teach you how to study the Bible on your own.

Anyway, I just spent an amazing, life changing week in Tennessee at their boot camp. It is a week long camp where you study God's word in-depth, see God in new ways and meet incredible people. We were studying the sermon on the mount in Matthew, Chapters 5-7 and it was incredible. God showed me so many things through His word that I never saw just by reading over the passages we studied for a week and I still feel like there is so much more we could have studied in those chapters than we actually covered. Boot Camp is soooo much fun and altogether awesome. If you are in high-school, I want to strongly, strongly urge you to come to boot camp next year. It will change your life. They are having a conference in December that looks amazing and it is basically a mini boot camp. I don't know if I am going to that yet but I am reallllly hoping to be back at boot camp next summer.
Seriously. It is so important that we know what we believe and not just what people tell us is true about God. The statistics of how many young people walk away from what they believe in college is staggering and all together heart breaking. It is SO important that we know truth for ourselves and are ready to make a defense for our faith and the only way to do that is to know God's word and what He says about Himself. Precepts is incredible and they have a passion to train young people to know God's word and I really hope that you will get involved with Precepts in your area! Please email me if you have any questions about them or how to get involved! or just add me on facebook! :)