Thursday, June 4, 2009

Great Hair.

Between Josiah and Keziah, there is always something happening that you wouldn't think could happen. Something you would never even think to think about happening. ever. They are so much fun but sheesh, they're crazy sometimes. This morning Josiah went up on the counter and found a little cup of bleach...which was wayyy up on the counter (he got a chair and climbed) and drank it. DRANK IT. The child drank a half a teaspoon of bleach. Yea. I heard about it a little while later and told him "Josiah Abel, you are going to give me gray hair and I am wayy too young to have gray hair... so shape up." He laughed hysterically and started dancing while singing: " 'Great' hair...I give you 'great' hair..." ( I'm trying not to laugh in this and it was like an epic fail that just came out really squeeky and it hurts my ears. My apologies to the world. )