Saturday, May 23, 2009

"We could lie..."

Jeremiah has such a big heart and he is hilarious. He's always looking out for the rest of the littles and if one of them wants something, usually food that someone else has, he is the first to offer to break his in half or share a sip of his drink.

So the other day, he comes in my room and picks up a picture of me holding a baby in China and our conversation went like this...
Jeremiah: "Does this baby not have a mama or a papa?"
Ellie :"No, he doesn't. Isn't that so sad Jer?"
Jeremiah: "That's soo sad. We should go get him to come live with our family and then he will have a mama and a papa."
Ellie: "Aww! That is such a great idea. I wish we could but China is kinda silly. They think we have too many kids so they won't let us adopt from their country."
Jeremiah: "Pffffff...(rolls eyes at the thought of our family having too many kids) ...That's weird. Wellll... (long pause as he tries to think of a way to get around this issue without getting rid of jimmy.) ....We could lie." and finishes our conversation with his eyebrow face. As shown above.


Sharon said...

Isn't it cool how easy it is to teach kids to have a heart for other orphans. If we keep that in them think of what they can do for the fatherless when they are older, so awesome!

Staci said...

haha love it!! best quote ever! :)