Sunday, February 15, 2009

Holy Moley, They're 2!

Its crazy to think that when we first heard about our precious twinettes, they were only five months old and they are already two years old! Time flies. They are such a gift and I can not imagine life without them. They bring such joy into our home. I love them so much. Here is a brief overview of their amazing little lives.
February, 15th 2007 they were born in Addis, Ababa Ethiopia .
Sweet baby Keren
Sweet baby Keziah
They spent the first 9 months of their lives being loved by the most wonderful caregivers ever.
August 10th, 2007 we recieved the referral for precious twin baby girls and their adorable three year old brother.
November 20, 2007 was the day our lives changed forever. It was the miraculous day God brought us together from opposite sides of the world to be a forever family.
Today they are in North Carolina playing with the brothers that they adore. One of whom is blood related to them, two of whom were from Mexico but born in the United States, joined our family through the miracle of adoption and these five precious children are the greatest friends you will ever meet. Im in awe at how amazing my God is everytime I see them. God brought them from opposite sides of the world to our home in North Carolina, and they love each other more than anything. Its amazing to me. So today, three children from Africa, two from Mexico, and three from Cailfornia make up our family. Its amazingly, wonderfully God. Im so thankful God placed me in my family and chose my family to receive Kezzie and Keren. They are the most amazing little girls in the world.


Sharon said...

They sure do grow fast, don't they? They are so adorable!!

Sharon said...

I love the way you said that, 3 children form California, 2 from Mexico and 3 from Ethiopia. And it really is awesome that all were brought together in one great family! How great it must be!

Anonymous said...

AWWWW They are so cuteness! And omg Josiah is just a little hink in that pic....tooooo gorgeous.