Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nashville Here We Come!

We are heading to Nashville this Thursday for the Shaohannah's Hope fundraiser weekend! My parents will be speaking about our adoption story on Saturday. Not only that but most of the girls that I went to China with will be there as well!! Im sooo excited to see them! One of the girls, Julee is actually flying in on Thursday, driving to TN with my family and coming back to stay with me for another whole week! Haha..she will certainly know my family by the time the ten hour ride to Nashville is over... God has actually called Julee to move to China as a result of going on the Show Hope trip and so she will be moving there to work with the orphans that we visited! Im a little jealous..haha. Here is a picture of La Familia and also the Ethiopian babes taken a few days ago by the lovely Melissa Pearce. The Twinettes weren't feelin' it...haha.


Amber said...

how lovely. can I just say as a youth pastors wife it is so refreshing to see young people get out there and make a change, doing things that last for all eternity.

have a great weekend!


Sharon said...

The pics are great, it's so cool to see your family! It's great to hear that your going to the Show Hope weekend and I hope it goes well, I wish I could be there to meet everyone. We would love to hear more about how it went.