Friday, January 4, 2008

Blog makeover :)

I am in the process of changing my blog in case you couldn't tell. I still have to add everything back to my side bar so don't think that I got mad at everyone and took all of your links off :)


Lexie said...

My name is Lexie. I found you blog through "Journey 2 Sarah Lu".
I have loved looking at all of your wonderful pictures. Your little siblings our absolutely ADORABLE!
My family is in the process of adopting from China a baby girl (Karleigh Mei :)) off of the special needs list. We still are waiting for a referral.
I can't wait to keep following your blog!

Anonymous said...

Nice! Better than dots :)

Nikki said...

Looks cute!

Jie Jie to Sarah Lu and Chayah Ru said...

Very cute!!! I really like it! It's a fun new look. :)

Dena said...

Ellie....I love your new look and your mom's. Can you come over and change mine???? I'm serious! Love it!


Anonymous said...

New look is pretty and modern. You are so creative Ellie and when I get ready to enter the blogging world, I am going to call you for help. Hope all goes well in CA with the fund raising looking forward to reading an update! Our love to all there. Kiss your siblings for us - all 7 of them:)Love, Aunt Cyndee

Anna Taylor said...

Love the new look!!!

Angela said...

Hey girl,

Good job on your blog. I tried to figure out how to change ours. If you get a few minutes shoot me an e-mail so I can pick your brain.:)

As always, your family is awesome!!!!