Thursday, November 15, 2007

I heart twins <3

Just wondering, how many of my blog readers have twins? Just leave me a comment and tell me if you have any twins in your family.


Erin said...

wow I can't imagine how excited you must be getting as it gets closer and closer to when you travel! (Well actually I lied.. I can totally imagine! :P)
I'm so excited for you!
I'm actually getting that feeling of total excitement/anxiousness/anticipation that I had when we were about to travel, just from reading your blog! :D
But anyway.. nope there are no twins in my family.

Anonymous said...

I do have twins. they are identical boys age 14. I also prayed for twins and God was good. Sometimes i tell people be careful what you pray for because He does hear us!!!!! They are my oldest and then we have 11yr. old girl 5yr. old girl and 4 yr. old boy, and waiting to see what God will bless us with from Ethiopia!!!!!!!! Keep your eyes peeled for us! Pam

Dawn Sacre said...

I am not a Gladney client... but two of the five children I am adopting from Ethiopia are twins. Girls. :-)

Ellie said...

WOW!! 5 kids?? that is awesome! are they siblings?

Sarah said...

We're in the process of adopting twins- a boy and girl- from Ethiopia! They are currently 7 months old and too cute for words!

sandi said...

I also have twins adopted from Ethiopia, identical twin boys, now 10 months, home since 4 months of age!