Saturday, August 4, 2007


We bought a new digital camera and a new video camera today to take on our trip! We are going to make a video of our family to take to the girls when we go so they can see the rest of my family before we bring them home. I can't wait until we go!!! We also got more shots yesterday. Yellow Fever and MMR. It turns out I didn't have both my MMR shots so I had to get my other one. We have to take malaria pills and typhoid pills also and I still have to get one more shot but after that I think that I am all set.


Amanda said...

that really cool!

Erin said...

you must be getting so excited! do you have any idea when you will be getting a referal? have they given you any timeline?
i totally remember that with the shots! i'm sure glad that's over and done with!

Anonymous said...

You don't really have to take the malaria pills if you are staying in Addis the whole time. Even the CDC says it's ok not to take them. We opted for the typhoid shot because the nurse said the pills will do a number on your stomach.
Good luck on your trip!!!

Nikki said...

That is a great idea to make them a video. Thanks so much for the comments on my Hero Holiday blog. Unfortunately I have a really crappy camera with NO sound so that's why there wasn't any :( Ugh, I am so sad to be home. I am excited for news on your trip though- should be amazing! Can't wait til you get a referal!