Sunday, November 1, 2009

Story Time

I have a wee story to tell you. Speaking of the word "wee". There were quite a few people from Ireland at the camp that I went to this summer and they called me "Wee Girl." It was a little hilarious and I'm glad as Americans, we don't say "wee" on a regular basis.

Anyways. Here is a story about a girl and some boys. This girl was (most of the time) a kind and sweet hairdresser. She was getting ready to go to lunch one day when a mother walks in with three small boys needing a hair cut. She was most likely perturbed and hungry because she took out her wrath on the three little boys' hair. It looked similar to something that would result from Edward Scissor Hands closing his eyes and sneezing. Well, the mother was less than thrilled and repeatedly said over the next few days as she was extremely busy that she needed to fix the three boys' hair. Well, one small boy took matters in to his own hands and here are the results. (James protecting Jer's head from a picture.)
If he cocks his head just can't really tell that the top of his head is mostly bald.
Etaala's website is coming along marvelously well! I can't wait until I can share it with you all!


Sharon said...

That is funny, I like the picture of James protecting Jer's head. :)

Larissa said...

Too funny! My 3 boys need haircuts too, so we'll have to stick with daddy doing the cutting - and not the perturbed hairdresser. LOL
However, this has given me something to ponder, because I have always thought that I didn't have to worry about scissors and haircutting with boys because their hair is so short anyway, right? Hmmm . . . apparently they can still find a way to go shorter.
Cute post!

Anonymous said...

I hope Mama didn't pay for those haircuts - or at the very least the lady was told that wasn't nice. Goodness gracious good thing the girls didn't get a homemade haircut! - Aunt Cyndee