Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fun, fun.

This is what we do when we are bored. Sooo...we're never really bored because this is quite fun. James had his ear tubes out today and they drugged him up pretty good. He came home a little dizzy and an hour or so later began to tell me all about his time at the hospital. "I got to color on the bed! And decorate my mask! (they let the kids decorate the sleeping gas masks after? creative.) And I watched Handy Manny!..... And I don't think they ever took my tubes out!!!!!! I don't think they did!!!!"

The medicine worked. Here is the Jim himself being a ham on the far left. He gradually dropped from standing to leaning on the hay bale to resting his chin on his hand. I want to put him in a little box and keep him in my pocket. I will definitely be keeping everyone updated on all the Etaala news. Right now we're just working out a lot of details and the website is coming along! It's close!


Sharon said...

I love the picture! And the video, that's too funny! :)