Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's official.

I stink at blogging.

Tomorrow is my nephew's first birthday party! Time has flown by and I can't believe he is turning a year old already. He is so precious and we love him to pieces.
We have had sooo much going on lately! I've been so busy with school and school + family + friends and... uhh...+ facebook= no time for blogging. I refuse to become one of those people who resign from it completely though. I will just continue to do a crappy job of it when i can. :)
I hear this week if I'm going to China!! I'm trying so hard not to be anxious. But that being said....I want to know if I'm going. kind of like as in...i want to know right now. I'll be content with either way because God knows best but I really hope I got in!
P.S. My friends Julee and Chrissy are in China now! ( We traveled to China together last summer and i love them both sooo much.) They will be there for a year working with orphans. :) They have sent out a prayer request for an orphanage they are working with that has recently become infected with a very serious case of the chicken pox and its spreading. Please pray that these babies would be healed and that it would not continue to spread!