Sunday, December 21, 2008

What I Saw

Welcome Home Amberlynn and Amon!

We went to welcome the Craig Family home yesterday from Ethiopia! The Craigs are great friends of ours and they just brought home two precious orphans, Amberlynn who is five and Amon who is three. They are sooo precious and it was so special to be a part of their family's journey towards bringing them home and getting to finally meet them! There were probably around ten adopted children there along with their families waiting to welcome them home! It was so neat to see all the precious kids who had already made their journeys home welcoming more and being excited for Amon and Amberlynn to be home forever. It was an awesome time of seeing God at work again. He sets the lonely in Families.

Yes, we are alive.

Josiah. He's a cute one. And pretty much he's crazy. And pretty much we love him. He is in love with Kung Fu Panda and has recently transformed into a ninja. Kung Fu Panda has also inspired him to learn to eat with chopsticks. He is now the chopstick master. (And we happen to love our neighbor who was from Japan that taught us how to make Delicious food...its the best.) Making Jello with the brothers. He is quite the creative child as well..."Look mom!! I'm a tunnel!" And he happens to think I stink at craft making...We were making a Christmas wreath with beads and pipe cleaners and apparently my bead pattern was not as good as his... "Ellie, you no do it like mine. Yours gonna give me bad dream." Yes, thank you Siah. I love you too. :) We are super excited for Christmas! We have been crazy busy. The babies are getting huge and talking a ton. Keziah has turned into the most ridiculously frilly little girl and she loves jewelry and all things pink. Keren is almost as equally frilly and loves babies and music and she is constantly dancing. And can she dance...haha. I'll be posting pictures of Christmas sometime next week too. It should be a lot of fun with the littles this year. :)